About Us

Purple Systems exist to support your business. Whether it’s physical security, cyber security or general IT solutions, our goal remains the same: to identify vulnerabilities, eliminate risks and ensure that your organisation flourishes.

You’ll find working with us to be a refreshing change. Our down-to-earth, highly-experienced team offer you a level of service and expertise you won’t find elsewhere.

Cyber Protection

With the increasing complexity of cyber threats, protecting your technical assets is more important than ever. Our highly-trained staff utilise the latest technologies to safeguard your business and prevent loss of data. We’re adept at identifying network exploits and devising solutions to patch these vulnerabilities. This enables your business to repel even the most advanced security threats.

Proven Track Record

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients to deliver millions of pounds of savings by using the latest technologies, processes and business models. As specialists from the datacentre to the desktop, we have been successfully implementing robust, customised solutions since 1994. Whether it’s physical security or technical services, our track record speaks for itself. We’ll do whatever it takes safeguard the interests of our clients.

Expert Advice

We deliver consultative and fully bespoke solutions which are based on industry best practice and years of real-world experience, all supported by comprehensive technical expertise. Purple Systems is genuinely hardware and software independent. We work with leading hardware and software vendors to save you money across the board. When it comes to providing physical security, our service is similarly reliable: our trustworthy personnel are trained to repel serious threats and to safeguard your business at all times.