Cyber Security – The greatest risk that many businesses face today.

We specialise in helping businesses safeguard their technical assets, preventing the loss of data and safeguarding sensitive information. A major security breach can not only prove costly – in some cases it can prove fatal to an organisation due to extensive downtime, brand damage and compensatory claims.

Safeguarding your technical assets is not a luxury – it’s essential in order for your business to thrive. At Purple Systems, we offer the best-in-class cyber security solutions.

Risk/Threat Assessment

Purple System’s specialised knowledge of the current tactics used by attackers’ allows our security experts to evaluate whether they are currently operating undetected in an environment or whether they have been there in the past.

Vulnerability Assessments

Purple System can assess organisations’ computer systems, applications, and networks for security vulnerabilities that are most likely to be used by attack groups to compromise their environment. All findings are rated using OWASP and are based upon their risk, probability of exploitation and potential business impact. These include:

  • Wireless Network Testing
  • Product Security Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Red Team Testing
  • Cyber Security Penetration Testing
  • VoIP Security Testing
  • Database Security Testing
  • Security Engineering
  • Security Architecture
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Firewall Reviews


Purple Systems provides consultancy packages to work with your business, enabling you to have a robust and complete solution in managing your information and systems:

  • Internal IT systems security
  • Covert tracking of your data.
  • Devise resilient IT and business processes
  • Rapid response in the event of a major IT failure
  • Specialise in Business Continuity
  • Backup, recovery and archiving
  • Covert assignments
  • Surveillance
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Training
  • Communications and tracking
  • IT Security Consultancy
  • Integration of non IT technology (GPS etc) into IT products

Security Design

Purple System assists organisations to establish and improve their incident response team capabilities. Services include review of current processes, capabilities and technology against leading practices as well as training and consulting services to create and grow in house capabilities.